Mobile Yoga Tutorial


Hi, I’m Kris Fondran, certified skating and yoga instructor and founder of the Mobile Yoga Workout.   The Mobile Yoga Workout was designed to combine the basics of a well-rounded yoga practice with the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of an inline skating workout. 

Being an avid skater, yoga practitioner and exercise physiologist with over 20 years experience instructing and training a variety of skaters, athletes, and exercise enthusiasts (different word?) has provided me with the insight and understanding to recognize the unique connection of balance, rhythm, and breath that are integral to both yoga and skating.  

The Mobile Yoga Workout, through the integration of a variety of yoga postures, skating exercises, and basic breathing and meditation techniques, provides a complimentary and complete workout that can improve and connect, body, mind, and spirit.

Click here for a video which gives a brief overview of the Mobile Yoga Workout.

To find additional yoga and skating recordings and videos please go to the Mobile Yoga Youtube Page.