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Happy Thanksgiving from the Mobile Yoga Workout!

Published on November 24, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Being a Tofurky girl myself I am all about things masquarading as something else.

This picture has been in my “skating pictures” folder for years.    I apologize for not knowing the source or photographer.

Never really knew what to do with this picture until today.

Wishing you a day full of peace, happiness and love!


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Mobile Yoga Rolling “Rinkside”

Published on November 19, 2010 by in Press

Mobile Yoga is in the November/December issue of Rinksider Magazine.  Rinksider Magazine is billed as the “Independent Voice of the Industry” and the publication is aimed at helping rink owners attract more people to their rinks.  Marketing suggestions, new rink programming, and other “money-making ideas are prominent story lines throughout the magazine.

While the Mobile Yoga Workout may seem best suited for the great outdoors, the roller rink could actually prove to be the perfect location to hone the basics of the workout.  With a limited skating area and barriers such as rails to help control speed and stopping, a rink can provide a predictable and safe atmosphere to learn the basics of skating before heading outside.

So if you are living in a cold weather climate this is the perfect time to take you skating indoors.  Head to the local roller rink and through the winter months continue to experience all the muscular, cardiovascular, and stress relieving benefits skating has to offer.

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Yoga Journal Deutschland-A Translation

Published on November 18, 2010 by in Press

What good fortune!  Another plug for the Mobile Yoga Workout in Germany.   The Mobile Yoga Workout is featured in the November/December issue of Yoga Journal Deutschland.

While I am working hard on learning German, at this point anyway, my Deutsch doesn’t go much further than the basic pleasantries  and “Zwei bier, bitte”, therefore the translation below is courtesy of Google Translator:

“More action brings Mobile Yoga After 20 year term teaching and practice both in yoga and in skating,  Kris Fondran  decided to combine both disciplines. The result is a vigorous workout from muscle-building and coordination training. Meanwhile, the American is moving to Germany and intends to offer the first courses here in spring.”

The workout was first featured in the magazine’s online version a few months ago At http://yogajournal.de/?s=mobile+yogann The translation of the online article is below, again, thank you Google Translator:

An exceptional sports content comes directly from the United States is rolled upon us: “Mobile Yoga” is the new trend that aims to equip ourselves with a combination of yoga and rollerblading.  After 20 years of teaching practice, both in yoga and in skating, the American Kris Fondran (42) decided to combine the two disciplines together. The result is a workout from a strong muscle and coordination training. The “Mobile Yoga” inventor is convinced that this training helps to reduce stress and promote the connection between mind, body and soul. Daily training, it will also improve emotional, mental and physical capacities.

So I am off and rolling into Deutschland in about 3 weeks time.  It will be interesting to see how the Mobile Yoga Workout really translates for Germans, pun intended.

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